Is Bottle-less Right for Me?

What is a bottleless water system and is it right for me?

  • What is a bottleless water system?
  • Is bottleless right for me?

A bottleless water system does not require a 3 or 5 gallon bottle of water to be inserted onto the cooler, but rather routes water into the cooler directly from your home or business water source. No more purchasing, storing, and changing out bottles. With a simple install of less than 1 hour you have unlimited fresh clean cold water at your fingertips.

Do you have a water source?
A water source access point will be located at a sink, in a kitchen, bathroom, or breakroom.

Can you run your water line without being in the way of foot traffic and other things?
The water line will run from the water source to the cooler. Most consumers run the waterline along the “kick plate” that is underneath the cabinets near their water source, but it can also run along a trim base board or be threaded through walls.

Basic Installation Requirements

  • Do you have 45-60 minutes to set up the cooler and waterline system?
  • Do you have a pair of sharp scissors, or razor blade?
  • Do you have a Phillips head screwdriver?
  • Do you have an adjustable wrench (crescent wrench)?
  • Do you have an Installation Kit?

If not, you may purchase an Installation Kit when you purchase your cooler (available under Options or as a separate item on the Categories Menu).

Or, you can purchase the following parts from a local hardware store:

  1. 1/4 inch quick connect angle stop valve with a 3/8” adapter.
  2. Poly tubing in whatever length you will need from your water source to the cooler.
  3. Zip ties or cable clamps to hide your poly tubing from view if you desire.

Can you replace your water filter every 1200 to 2200 gallons or once per year?
On average, a family of four uses 10 gallons per week or 520 per year.
NOTE:  Most commercial situations will use more water than residential applications.

To install your cooler you will need to be able to do the following:

  1. Consult the owner of the property where the cooler will be installed for approval to tap into the water source.
  2. Run a waterline from you water source (underneath a sink connected to the cold faucet).
  3. Hide that waterline by tapping in clamps underneath your cabinets.
  4. Cut poly tubing to the desired length you determine from the water source to the cooler.
  5. Detach and attach various parts with a Phillips head screwdriver and screws.