• The easiest thing to do is open the top and remove any packing and/or parts, then open the box from the bottom and lift the box off of the water cooler.
  • All our water coolers come equipped with a “safety float”. This float was designed so that if an earthquake happened on Saturday and you didn’t get in until Monday the cooler will not flood your business or home. It shuts the water off and a human must reset the cooler float. BUT (and this is a big but) if you move the cooler or bump into it the “safety float” may trigger. Your first clue of this will be you can’t get any water. Just push the reset button located under the lid on the top of the cooler.
  • Please visit our page about cleaning and sanitizing your water coolers for full directions! 
  • Please visit our page about cleaning a hot tank for full directions!


  • * Note: The following instructions are NOT to be used for Aquabar II! 


  • A bottleless water system does not require a 3 or 5 gallon bottle of water to be inserted onto
    the cooler, but rather routes water into the cooler directly from your home or business water
    source. No more purchasing, storing, and changing out bottles. With a simple install of less
    than 1 hour you have unlimited fresh clean cold water at your fingertips.

    Is it right for you? Check out this document to learn more: https://buywatercoolers.com/is-bottle-less-right-for-me/

  • BuyWaterCoolers.com warrants your water cooler for the first 30 days after receipt. If we determine your equipment has a material or manufacturing defect we will replace your cooler. You are responsible for properly repackaging and shipping the defective cooler back to us (you must pay shipping).

    You may also choose to use the manufacturers’ warranty and you may contact them, they will pay for your water cooler to be shipped to them. The manufacturer will repair your cooler and ship it back to you at no cost, but they will not ship you a new cooler. Manufacturer’s warranty information will be enclosed with your water cooler.

    Crystal Mountain: 1-800-878-6422 ext. 2

    Tri Palm (Oasis): 1-800-950-3226 ext. 1

    You can also download .PDF copies of the Manufacturer’s warranties here:

    Oasis 3 Year Warranty
    Oasis 5 Year Warranty

  • If within 30 days of receiving a cooler, you should  decide to return or refuse delivery of a water cooler or accessories, you will receive a refund of your total purchase price less shipping charges both ways and less a 20% restocking fee that the manufacturer charges.

    Water coolers must be:

    In Original Packaging

    Due to health concerns and regulations, water cooler filters are not returnable at this time.

    Please call 1-800-390-6132 prior to returning a water cooler to receive a Return Authorization Number and shipping instructions. The water cooler must be returned in the original packaging and intact. Returned water cooler(s) must be shipped within two weeks of issuance of a Return Authorization Number to be eligible for a refund. A refund will be issued after the returned water cooler or accessory has been received and inspected.

  • Our W-9 can be found here.