We Accept Crypto

YES we accept crypto and here is how the process works:

  • We recommend that you fill out your cart 1st with what you would like to purchase.
  • Process your cart through until you get a shipping amount.
  • Call the 800 number and read your cart info to Sherry and she will create an actual invoice for you with a shipping total etc.
  • Then just send the crypto amount to our public address below and put your company name and invoice number into the memo field.
  • Once we receive the transaction we will process your order and ship it.

Here is the crypto and the public address to send payments to that we accept:

  • Bitcoin – send payment of BTC to 3DpLK2bmRyrsv4nK3JZ4waQpjq6RQceboY
  • XRP – Send payments of XRP to rh5UMZgymvHtEKDUqqyjy5fgzJaKEzNJkj

If you would like to use any other crypto then please call so we can set that up for you and get you the address to send to.