Alkaline Ionizing Items &why they are important to you and your health!

Alkaline and Ionizing products  … & Why they are important to you and your health!

What are pH and ORP?  

​pH (potential Hydrogen) measures the amount of hydrogen in a substance and is measured between 0 and 14 – and the higher the number, the more alkaline!  Proper body pH is an important factor in good health:  A lower pH level means too much acidity in your system, which means higher susceptibility to disease.  

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential – also known as “redox”) is potential energy that is stored and ready to be put to work;  even though it’s not working right now, we know the energy is there, we can measure it and it is ready to be used by your system, as needed.  When you measure your body’s ORP, basically you are measuring the oxidation potential of your body – ie, the concentratiuon of ions or oxidizing agents within your system.  

Remember what ‘oxidation’ is/does?  Oxidation is what turns an apple brown or causes metal to rust!  And those pesky ‘free radicals’ that you read so much about these days, which are believed to cause disease and aging, are caused by the oxidation process within your body!  

​So, one of the keys to better health?  Raising and keeping that pH level at a healthy level by reducing acidity and increasing alkalinity AND introducing more oxidation-reducing agents into your system (to eliminate those free radicals).  


The best way for an individual to effectively increase the pH level in their system is, basically, through a change in diet.  And, since the average human body is comprised of 60-70% water, one of the easiest and most effective ways to accomplish that is through the introduction of healthy drinking water.

Our Ionizing Alkaline Water Filter works in combination with one of our other Water Filtration Systems to introduce healthy, pH correct, negative ORP drinking water into your system – easily!

Wondering how it works?  …
An ionizer works primarily on the mineral content in the water – that is, the TDS (total dissolved solids).  These minerals create the pathway for the ‘ionization’ (or, more correctly, electrolysis) to occur.  And it works on everyday tap water.  Tap waters vary widely in the dissolved mineral content:  the higher the TDS (“hard” water), the higher the levels of pH and ORP alteration an ionizer can achieve; the lower the mineral content (“soft” water), the less impact the ionizer will have.  But, either way, our patented use of tourmaline ceramic reacts with water to emit “far-infrared rays” … which has an immediate detoxifying effect on organisms, by suppressing free radicals and working to create “living water”, raising the pH and lowering the ORP levels!

Remember:  Our Ionizing Alkaline Water Filter must work in connection with one of our other Water Filtration Systems in order to be most effective.

NOTE:  YOU CANNOT GET pH BALANCED, NEGATIVE ORP DRINKING WATER WITH BOTTLED WATER DELIVERY SYSTEMS!!!  Actually, routine testing has shown that most bottled waters are acidic (low pH) and have higher ORPs!  And – the healthy, fresh drinking water that is produced from our Ionizing Alkaline Filter will NOT maintain it’s pH balanced/negative ORP properties in the clear bottles that bottled delivery systems utilize.